Xtendplay Nude Gaming Party Hoax Viral Video


Sometimes you just wish that you had thought of something first!  We need to think of a new idea for a video viral, and I came across this video. It is being shared across social media networks and many people do not realise it is a hoax. It supposedly show a new craze that has started in New York, Nude Gaming Parties!



It shows lots of people sitting around playing  video games in the nude at a New York night club. Black boxes tastefully hide any rude bits!

This video is a hoax viral for Xtendplay. You can see the people in the video using them. It is a controller holder that improves posture and grip of gaming handsets. The people in the video are actors and maybe unfortunately (!), there isn’t really a new craze for nude gaming sweeping across America.  I think the fact that eveyone has an extendplay in the video helps to give it away. Another clue is the unusual attractiveness and lack of diversity of these supposedly ordinary punters!


Now I really wish I had thought of this idea. We could of  shown nude gamers with trabasacks on their laps and controllers on the trabasacks. There would be far fewer black boxes needed in our video. It could have been a tasteful trabasack on the lap instead!  We would love to create another viral video. It will be hard to beat the 800,000+ views of the first trabasack video viral, but please email or  comment with any suggestions.


The Xtendplay Gaming Accessory


The Xtendplay holder does look useful though. Here is one of  the Xtendplay gaming accessory video’s from youtube that is a little less crytic and explains the benefits:




The soft foam controller holder is said to make gaming with Xbox360 and Playstation controllers more comfortable. These additions of a wide foam base to a controller could also help accessible gaming. They would add a wider and larger surface for people with poor grip. For those who want to attach their controller to something else, the foam could be modified or cut.


However, a disadvantage is that that anyone who uses a slightly modified or adapted controller might find that it did not fit the xtendplay as they are specific to the exact shapes of the original manufacturers models. More cutting and shaping would be needed.


If someone wanted to attach a controller to thier trabasack with velcro or ‘hook tape’, the xtendplay could help though. It would provide a bigger surface area for the tape and give move stability for a controller to be held on the ‘Connect’ surface of a Trabasack gaming bag. The xtendplay and controller would also fit inside the trabasack bag space after use.


We look foward to hearing from anyone who has used one with a trabasack. If any gamers reading this have tried using them together please let me know, a free trabasack T shirt of any pics sent in! But don’t worry, you won’t be asked to take part in the trabasack nude video gaming viral….

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I am MD of Trabasack, an award winning company I co-founded 3 years ago. Trabasack is a lap tray and bag that is useful for everyone providing a level work and play surface wherever you need one.

Trabasack also promotes social inclusion for people with disabilities and because of its 'Design for All' accessibility, I won a Level 2 Award from UnLtd the charity for social entrepreneurs.

I am a dad of two and carer for my son with Dravet Syndrome. Interests include disability advocacy, accessible gaming, social media for business, cider making and neglecting an allotment.
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