Support Myle’s Race Raffle

Support Myle’s Race Raffle

Myles with his parents

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We recently received an e-mail from Christine Sketchley telling us all about her inspirational son Myles and his charity appeal. Myles is a twelve year old wheelchair user who has a combination of conditions which can make daily life very difficult for him. He has Cerebral Palsy, Scoliosis, high muscle tone and is partially sighted, but he remains positive and happy and his family says that he is an inspiration.

Myles’ conditions have meant that he’s had over twenty operations in the twelve years of his life and this has resulted in him needing to use a wheelchair full time. Myles and his family had to make the difficult decision to have Myles’ hips removed so that he could sit comfortably. This means that his only way of exercising is in water and through hydrotherapy as, without hips, he is unable to weight bear. Unfortunately due to funding cutbacks, his school are only able to take him swimming once a fortnight.

However, Myles’ consultants have said that he regular daily exercise to be healthy. To help Myles have the opportunity to exercise, Myles’ mum Christine decided to raise money for a hot-tub at home and so that he can get the hydrotherapy he needs. They have already made a huge achievement and are ‘nearing the finish line’ to get it to the £10,000 target.  In fact, they’ve received £7,100 so far thanks to a range of different fundraisers and donations. However, the final cash is still needed and a local charity in Myles’  home town of Hucknall, Nottinghamshire are helping out.

The Men of Sherwood Society are staging a race night at the Royal Legion Social Club in Hucknall on January 13th. During this night, there will also be a fundraising raffle with many great prizes (including of course a Trabasack!). We have also sent a Trabasack to Myles to so he can more easily enjoy his favourite games.

Myles Sketchley with a trabasack

Follow Me on Pinterest Myles the Trabasaxon!

We sincerely hope that the fundraiser will help Myles’ family along the way to their final target so Myles can exercise at his own pace with the support he needs.

If you’d like to buy a ticket for the fundraiser, donate to Myle’s hot tub appeal, offer up a prize for the raffle or anything else, please contact Christine on 0115 9632401 or leave a comment below and we will pass on your details to the family.

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