Tobii Eye-Controlled Arcade Games

Tobii Eye-Controlled Arcade Games: making gaming accessible

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Tobii are a world-renowned, field-leading vendor of eye tracking technology, a process that can revolutionise computing and now, gaming for individuals with motor disabilities. Enjoying arcade gaming can be made accessible with the installation of Tobii Eye-Controlled arcade gaming machines equipped with Tobii’s trade-marked EyeAsteroids game.

EyeAsteroids is the only arcade game which is solely controlled by your eyes and without the need for complicated wires and connections between you and the game machine. EyeAsteroids is both fast and intuitive and makes gaming an extremely exciting experience for all.

Using your eyes as a game controller is an extremely different experience to standard gaming and allows users with motor disabilities to fully enjoy gaming the ways other can. Using gaze interaction in a gaming environment is extremely in depth technology and put basically, the game is programmed to understand your gaze in the same way people do. This is gaming on a new level.

The game itself is quite simple, like all good arcade games are and basically the gamer’s avatar is Earth and you need to defend yourself from in-coming asteroids by firing laser beams and bombs. It contains all the traditional, retro features you could want from an arcade game.

Tobii is the world’s leading supplier of eye tracking and eye control technology and their research has become integral to developing technology in many aspects of research, not just gaming. They’re committed to innovation and their eye tracking technology has revolutionised research across many fields. As well as making gaming accessible, Tobii’s technology has aided communication for thousands of non-verbal individuals who previously had no access to communication at all.

This video shows exactly how Tobii Asteroids works and how their technology makes arcade gaming a totally new experience: