Using GlovePie to Create Scripts for Voice Control Gaming

The following video shows how to create scripts using GlovePie, that allow you to use voice controls in First Person video games, instead of using a keyboard. GlovePie is a free Programmable Input Emulator (hence the name GlovePie) and can be used with a multitude of input devices to reprogram how you control a game.

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I am MD of Trabasack, an award winning company I co-founded 3 years ago. Trabasack is a lap tray and bag that is useful for everyone providing a level work and play surface wherever you need one.

Trabasack also promotes social inclusion for people with disabilities and because of its 'Design for All' accessibility, I won a Level 2 Award from UnLtd the charity for social entrepreneurs.

I am a dad of two and carer for my son with Dravet Syndrome. Interests include disability advocacy, accessible gaming, social media for business, cider making and neglecting an allotment.
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