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Special Effect charity and their online gaming forum Gamebase, are looking for a new symbol to represent game accessibility. They have been discussing a new symbol for game accessibility since beginning work on their new  SpecialEffect Game Accessibility Rating System.

The idea is to create a symbol that someone would immediately understand as meaning the game had accessibility features, even if they had never seen it before. Seeing the symbol in a games shop or online, a gamer with disabilities could have more confidence before buying. They would know features that can improve gaming with disabilities had been considered during the development or were available to be used with the game.

One of the ideas for the icon is that it could be used to link games seen online with a review site highlighting accessibility features.

Looking around the web for ideas, Barrie from the Oneswitch site, created this montage of images:


Game accessibility symbols found on the web

Follow Me on Pinterest Some of the game accessibililty symbols that can be found on the web


The universal symbol of disability has become the ‘stickman in a wheelchair on a blue background’. This image has caused problems and a bit of controversy among people with disabilities. Unfortunately it can reinforce the idea that every disabled person is a wheelchair user. However this symbol is global and easily identified. A new symbol incorporating it would make good use of its widely known meaning.

The Gamebase blogger suggested that the stickman symbol perhaps including a controller or other widely recognised icon of gaming could be created and invited suggestions from forum users.


Three new symbols for game accessibility icons

Follow Me on Pinterest New designs for a Game Accessibility icon.


Gamebase is now inviting votes for the above designs. I think they are all impressive!  They are described below:

1. The Accessible Space Invader. Combining a blue wheelchair stickman, a joystick and a Taito Space Invader. This has a real retro, old skool appeal.

2. Wheelchair Pac-Man. In this image the self propelling wheelchair user is cleverly combined with a  Pac-man munching dots. Inspired by talented You-tube artist  Bashir Sultani.

3. The Joypad Rider. Chris Thornton of the  HelpKidzLearn created the image of a console riding stickman. This is the most modern of the images and our favourite.

Help Gamebase choose by voting on the images on Facebook or by emailing them at or comment below and I will pass on your ideas.

This page is written using content from Gamebase and originally appeared on the Trabasack website Vote for a new Game Accessibility icon


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I am MD of Trabasack, an award winning company I co-founded 3 years ago. Trabasack is a lap tray and bag that is useful for everyone providing a level work and play surface wherever you need one.

Trabasack also promotes social inclusion for people with disabilities and because of its 'Design for All' accessibility, I won a Level 2 Award from UnLtd the charity for social entrepreneurs.

I am a dad of two and carer for my son with Dravet Syndrome. Interests include disability advocacy, accessible gaming, social media for business, cider making and neglecting an allotment.
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