Trabasack endorsed by Accessible Gaming Community

 Trabasack well recieved by the Accessible Gaming Community

Dual Net Gaming Site Review of the Mini Connect

There are many gamers out there with disabilities and the number of blogs and reviewers is growing almost weekly.

We were very impressed with the newish blog called Ergo Hacks. They are building up a large and frequently updated site of all things accessible gaming, with recent news, game reviews and product and technical updates being added very regularly.

Ring pull zips and gaming mount details

Trabasack Mini Connect detail taken by gaming reviews at Ergo Hacks

We were pleased to hear that they would review a Trabasack Mini Connect with a Media Mount with the uses for gamers with disabilities in mind…

The review was very positive and comprehensive. In particular they liked the design features that have been added to make trabasack a very ‘inclusive design ‘ and usable by a wide range of people.

Some nice touches demonstrate the attention to detail that makes this an exemplary bag. The tray has an edge that prevents items from sliding off, the zipper pull rings are chunky and large and easy to use even by those who have some impairment in their hands or small children. Two types of clips are used to attach the straps, a swivel clip and a snap hook clip, both are again easy to use.

They were also impressed with The Media Mount and the velcro receptive function of the trabasack connect tray surface and the  Media Mount:

Switches, a mouse mat and controllers can all be stuck to the tray in an ergonomic position for the user, preventing slippage and making it easy to move the whole tray with attached devices instead of having to balance or remove all devices before being able to move the tray to get up.

On the whole they concluded:

The Trabasack is a versatile innovative product highly recommended to anyone who travels frequently, don’t have a desk at home or requires a specialist surface due to a disability that reduces motor function or causes fatigue. It is easy to pack up your kit when retiring from the lounge to the bedroom and only have one bag to carry up and down the stairs. If you are gaming anywhere but a desk, it provides a stable surface on your lap for either a controller, switches or mouse and keypad set-up.

These extracts are taken from the Trabasack Review on Ergo Hacks The site is well worth a visit. There is lots more useful information there.

Trabasack Review from Izzy of  EnabledGaming Blog

Izzy is an antipodean gaming enthusiast who has a blog at EnabledGaming.blogspot (which is unfortunately currently unavailable). We first heard about Izzy’s enthusiasm for gaming when we read this interview with him at the excellent Special Effect Gamebase site.

In the interview Izzy talks about his current set up that allows him to enjoy gaming

My gaming setup includes a custom built mini joystick attached to a microphone stand, 2 micro switches and 2 touch switches. I also use a voice recognition program called Game Commander 3, and X-Keys switchbox and a custom Autohotkey script.

I use the mini joystick with my lips to move the mouse cursor around while using a micro switch in each hand for left and right clicking. I have 2 touch switches positioned near my face, 1 on each cheek, which I use for middle click and an extra button.

Game Commander 3 allows me to activate keyboard commands with my voice. It’s used for playing all of my games and is an essential gaming tool. My X-Keys switchbox allows me to program my switches to perform various commands depending on which program I have running. The Autohotkey script is used to program the mouse axis to perform different commands. This is essential for racing games and platformers.

Izzy has been very ill this year but we were thrilled when we discovered he had managed to record this video review of Trabasack Mini Connect:

Thank you very much Izzy for your efforts and very kind words! Anyone interested in talking to Izzy further can find him via his facebook profile.

He also was also recently interviewed about website accessibility for Red Bridge Web.

Trabasack on The AbleGamers Disabled Gamers Holiday Buying Guide

We were also chuffed to find that the Media Mount was included on the AbleGamers list of best buys for 2012:


Trabasack System

One of the coolest items for the mobility impaired gamer, Trabasack’s new Media Mount uses Velcro “Noodles” to secure objects the surface of the tray. This soft felt beauty has a comfortable feel, but maintains its role as a sturdy table alternative with the added security of locking down your new expensive electronic items. Give yourself some peace of mind with a Trabasack this year.

So all in all there has been some great endorsements for the Trabasack from the disabled gaming community in 2012. Roll on 2013, there is much more to come! 😉

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I am MD of Trabasack, an award winning company I co-founded 3 years ago. Trabasack is a lap tray and bag that is useful for everyone providing a level work and play surface wherever you need one.

Trabasack also promotes social inclusion for people with disabilities and because of its 'Design for All' accessibility, I won a Level 2 Award from UnLtd the charity for social entrepreneurs.

I am a dad of two and carer for my son with Dravet Syndrome. Interests include disability advocacy, accessible gaming, social media for business, cider making and neglecting an allotment.
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