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Trabasack aids accessible gaming because it enables consoles, controllers or switches to be mounted securely on your lap. A laptray, mount and bag in one.

Trabasack is perfect for mounting switches, consoles and adapted controllers to allow you to fully enjoy games. Trabasack Connect allows you to attach controllers to the soft velour surface of your Trabasack using the ‘hook’ tape. You then have a comfortable secure mount to play on. Trabasack is a laptray bean bag with a difference. It is smart and contemporary and will travel anywhere. Use the optional waist strap to help keep it secure on your lap. Also converts to a rucksack/ messenger bag and stows easily at the back of a chair when not in use.

Trabasack has been widely used by accessible gaming charities and organisations in the UK and USA for its ability to quickly and comfortably mount switches and adapted controllers.

Trabasack being used as a switch mount for one switch pinball Follow Me on Pinterest

Trabasack being used as a switch mount for one switch pinball


Gaming Accessibility is improved with Trabasack

Many adult gamers use trabasack because it is smart and inconspicuous. The black Trabasack Mini is the preferred choice as it looks like a black briefcase but has a velcro receptive surface to attach game devices too, and a small bean bag to level up the tray on the lap. It can also be used for iPads, tablets, phones and smaller laptops and net books.


Laptop or controller mount the black Mini Connect Follow Me on Pinterest

Laptop or controller mount the black Mini Connect

The pictures below where taken at a Special Effect game accessiblity workshop, run by the Childrens Trust.

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Trabasack has been used and recommended by the Ablegamers Foundation in the US, and by members of SpecialEffect the charity for accessible gaming in the the UK.

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