How to Create a One Handed Controller Setup for Playing FPS’

We’ve found a brilliant video we’d like to share with you, that shows you how to set-up a one-handed controller for playing FPS (First Person Shooters). This is an excellent way to allow you to get all the action of a traditional FPS by re-mapping the controller or joystick buttons, making one-handed playing easier. Enjoy!

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I am MD of Trabasack, an award winning company I co-founded 3 years ago. Trabasack is a lap tray and bag that is useful for everyone providing a level work and play surface wherever you need one.

Trabasack also promotes social inclusion for people with disabilities and because of its 'Design for All' accessibility, I won a Level 2 Award from UnLtd the charity for social entrepreneurs.

I am a dad of two and carer for my son with Dravet Syndrome. Interests include disability advocacy, accessible gaming, social media for business, cider making and neglecting an allotment.
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