Introducing the Trabasack Media Mount

Perfect for gaming devices, controllers and switches

The Media Mount is a brand new addition to the Trabasack product range, designed to make utilising any media device or in reality,

Trabasack with a roller ball switch mounted using the media mount

Follow Me on Pinterest Use with a wide range of controllers.

just about anything, much easier to access, use and operate from the comfort of your Trabasack. Despite being brand new, the product is already attracting positive attention as its universal multipurpose usage makes it fantastic for many different users and their differing needs.

A Closer Look at the Media Mount

Flexible and easy to manoeuvre, the Media Mount comfortably attaches to your Trabasack and allows you to hold any device in the exact position you require. Perfect for switch positioning and gaming controllers, the Media Mount is ideal for gaming. Extremely useful for supporting a range of smaller media devices including tablets and eReaders, you can use this device for so many different purposes it fits perfectly into the innovative, multipurpose range that Trabasack already boasts.

The Media Mount for Gaming

Follow Me on Pinterest The Media Mount ensures you can easily access your switch or gaming device

As already mentioned, we believed the Media Mount is perfect for creating an accessible gaming environment via your Trabasack. Whether you use a switch or an adapted or traditional controller, the Mount can be used to ensure the device remains in perfect position and doesn’t slip or fall whilst in use. It’s fantastic if you have tremors or weak grip as it means you can ensure your controller is always where it should be and as the picture shows, you can even use the Media Mount to ensure your hands remain in the right position to access your gaming controller. We believe the Media Mount makes gaming even more accessible and therefore enjoyable.

The Media Mount is currently available via the Trabasack website with a retailer-wide roll out planned for later next month.