Using Switches for Gaming

Using Switches for Gaming

New Resource Guide to Switch Technology Published

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We have recently published a brand new guide to Switch Technology, with the aim of introducing the benefits of assistive switches to those who know little or nothing about them. We hope that our guide will introduce switch technology to people who can benefit from it as well as helping gamers and educators utilise switches to enhance educational environments, as well as providing access to gaming and enjoyment too.

The guide is available as a free PDF and is split into several short, but informative sections, which are as follows:

Introduction – What is Switch Technology

Advantages of Switch Technology

Types of Switches

Determining Correct Switch Positioning

Simple Switch Activities

Switch Mounting

More Useful Information and Links

Each section is designed to give a summary of the topic and gives a great introduction and overview.

Accessible Gaming & Switch Technology


A Switch Pinball Game

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As gaming fans know, accessing a range of games and consoles can be difficult when living with a disability but the development of a range of single and multi-touch switches has meant that gaming has become more accessible overall. As well as a range of predesigned and developed switches specifically for gamers on the market, there are companies who design bespoke items for hardcore gamers out there. 

There are a number of questions you need to ask yourself before deciding which type of switch to use to access your favourite games. Thought will need to go into how you plan to access the switch: will you use your digits or eye movement? This is a totally personal decision which is dependent on the abilities of the gamer in question.

Our new guide doesn’t specialise in gaming but shows a range of switches and their uses and also the importance of correct mounting and who can benefit from their usage.

To get your own copy of the guide, click here

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