Adroit Switchblade launched!

Adroit Switchblade – now launched!

Now launched it the versatility of the adroit switchblade looks awesome. Mark Barlet CEO of The Ablegamers Foundation describes it as a ‘game changer for people with disabilities’. Here is a video of Mark describing the new controller from the Joystiq site:

Said to be  the most adaptable controller on the market, the Adroit Switchblade has 19 ports (11 reprogramable and 2 sets of 4 for the thumb sticks). It means that gamers can decide their own preferred personal set up. Any switches can be plugged in from light touch to muscle twitch to gumball in any configuration so that the best individual set up can be achieved. Another amazing feature is that any of the 11 slots can be reprogrammed as any button on the Xbox controller.


Adroit Switchblade “A game changer for people with disabilities”

Each Switchblade is supplied with lightweight and easy to operate, very small thumb sticks for directional controls, included too is a rumble pack for each one. Rumble packs being one of the favourite  mods for gamers from Evil Controllers, the company who developed the Adroit Switchblade.

No need for Joysticks

For gamers who cannot use joysticks, each Adroit Switchblade comes with ports designed specifically for the directional movements. With this adaption you can now make thumb sticks yourself using the four switches in any configuration you choose. One suggestion is to mount four light touch switches around a central hub so that  you can move the switches with both hands.  There is a huge range of personal possibilities and unique set ups with this arrangement.

Switch Users

For switch users there is a special option called the Switchblade exclusive option. As switch users know there are usually only a few postions suitable for a switch. If you can only use a few switches at a time or you don’t want to spend a lot of money on different switches the Profile Option is excellent.


Joystick, the Adroit has amazing flexibility

The profile option allows for multiple functions on the same switch on three different profiles. If for example you can only use 2 switches after the directional controls, you could set switch number one to be the profile changer and thereby give you access to s to 6 controller functions. Profile one could be set to your main action buttons and profile two has the shoulder buttons and profile three can contain the remaining secondary action buttons. You would just press the profile changer to run through the profiles and use that button for the task you were currently trying to do.

The Switchblade arrives set-up for Xbox gaming, but using a straight forward adapter you can use it very quickly and easily with a PC, Laptop or Playstation. This will help reduce the costs for people with disabilities who often need to buy many different controllers for games on different platforms. It is a versatile piece of assistive technology so that  one device with a simple adapter can suit all a persons gaming needs.

The AbleGamers say that the Adroit Switchblade is a “dream come true for many disabled gamers” and has the greatest adaptability on the accessible gaming market.


The main controller and central hub of the Adroit switchblade with its many port options.

This new partnership between Evil Controllers and the Ablegamers Foundation is very encouraging for those supporting user designed technology. It is the the first in a new line of accessible controllers, but perhaps the beginning of more affordable assistive technology, of which the Trabasack design team are proud to be a part. We agree that equipment that can help people with disabilities is often too expensive for people on fixed incomes and benefits. The partnership intends to sell the new range of controllers in the Adroit line at an affordable price. The Adroit Switchblade will be $399, around £250 which is considerably cheaper than many adaptive devices for gaming currently on the market.

Big congrats from all at Trabasack the teams involved including Adam Coe and Jonah Coe, Mark Barlet and Steve Spohn. We hope to meet up with them in the US next year.

The Adroit switchblade is a step closer to achieving high quality, low cost accessibility for gamers everywhere!

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